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Maria Melinn - Michigan

Welcome to Unprotective Mothers.This blog exists to give a voice to custodial parents (both moms & dads) & their families against the whackadoos who libel & attack them all over the web every day. This is a haven where the lies & false allegations can be refuted from.Providing there is evidence to "back up" your claims.

These self titled "protective mothers"(hereafter referred to as Unprotective Mothers or UPM's) not only lie about their exes & children & various other family members for the attention and sympathy that fuels them. They also lie/slander/attack the advocates who speak up for THEIR children, who care about the disgusting digital footprint these UPMs are creating for them.

                                                   Maria Bauer Melinn -  Michigan
Domestic Violence Arrest

Maria spends ALL day EVERY day on the web running her several groups.
Most notably her "Judge Kevin Cronin A Judge Abusing Power" site.
Maria uses this site to bash her ex & Judge Cronin and also her exes family.
That would be somewhat acceptable IF any of her horrible claims were TRUE.

Maria laps up online attention. She loves nothin more than playing  victim.

This woman is NO victim.

Maria charged with Domestic Violence. Read Police Report HERE.

( Note : Maria claims she was NEVER arrested & charged with Domestic Violence)

Maria ALSO  claims her ex broke her back during an altercation that took place
at her friends house where Maria was "entertaining" another man behind her husbands back. This altercation culminated in Maria being hurt by the back of a door as it was forced open as per eyewitness reports (which will be displayed on the main site)

NONE of the children witnessed this scene, thankfully.
But, Maria likes to claim they did and for even more dramatic effect, also claims they suffered PTSD as a result of this.

Maria claims her back was broken during this incident..Alrhough there is NOTHING about that in the Police Report & she was out dancing in a club the very next night.

There is STILL no record of that "broken back" for the next 5 years.
Maria manages to live life & GIVE BIRTH just fine.

Maria then has ELECTIVE surgery for a back problem that NO medical professional diagnosed as "broken". We know she was in a car accident not too long prior to this surgery..Hmmm? But during the custody dispute, her back became
 "broken" by her ex five years earlier...A likely story.

Failure to pay Child Support

Here is a sympathethic blog post about poor Marias struggles with the family court.
You see, according to Maria, she is surrounded by liars in life. Her exes, her children, her former friends, former inlaws ALL lie about her. The Judges who oversaw her case in family court? ALL corrupt you see? Maria is in no way at all responsible for ANY of her failings, She lost custody because the world & his wife were out to get her and NOT because she is a shitty mom...Of course Maria!

Pay attention to the comments on this blog.Particularly from her own son.

Then read this interview Marias daughter gave to
Able2UK refuting her mothers lies.

Her own kids are BEGGING for her to stop.

Maria can't now and never has been able to put her childrens needs ahead of hers.

The worst is yet to come in this long running saga.

There is too much info to cram on a blog so it was decided to create a site to fully demonstrate the horrible effects this woman has had on peoples lives, most notably Michael Melinn.Who was RELENTLESSLY  emotionally abused by Maria, who used him as a tool to hurt others right up until he could take no more and ended his own life.

Michael Melinn - Your truth is going to be told .Your writings will be seen and your voice will be heard.

Then may your "mother" FINALLY let you Rest In Peace.


  1. @Rany H - You are very perceptive. The author is Sarah Tyrrell, out of Dublin Ireland. Got to wonder why a woman in Dublin Ireland takes such vested interest in custody issues state-side USA. Probably because of the difficulty involved in suing them for libel. This is one SICK BITCH!

  2. Make sure you tell them where he got the alcohol, marijuana and guns to accomplish the task...from his father's home who had custody at the time. Dysfunctional families always have DEMENTED ASSOCIATES willing to engage in law-breaking behavior for their own self-interests and ends. What's worst is Sarah Tyrrell in her schizoid view of the world, claims to be "AGAINST ABUSE". Read her twitter feed under handle of @Twiteroooo for a taste of SADOMASOCHISTIC SARAH AND HER TYPOID MARY TWITTER FEED. Against abuse....Just like Jerry Sandusky and the Mile High Program....

  3. Yes, Sarah Tyrrell (@Twiteroooo) her shame of Ireland best friend @StopAbusers who is Dawn Henderson, and state-side ally Inesa Jenza (@WarAgainstAbuse) are well known in the Twitersphere as the #TyphoidMaryTwitterGangBangers. Inesa Jenza also uses the handle W.A.C.A. .... they run slander site also called That's what these folks are. MEET THE FEMALE FACE FIGHTING ON THE FRONT LINES OF THE EXTREME FATHER'S RIGHTS MOVEMENT ---- PAID SOCIAL MEDIA WHORES.

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  5. This is Hawkeye a crazed supporter of the abuser. To see the truth see this.


    Please see this article about Maria Melinn in The Washington Times & see how despicable she is.

    The people who defend this child abuser are just as despicable.

    I've left Hawkeyes AKA Jane E Smithers ( Google THAT nut job) comments here so people can laugh at how misinformed she is.

    That abusive advocates blog existed before I ever heard of Melinn, but don't let facts get n the way of your ramblings Jane. You never do.

    Jane defends notorious child abusers like Maria Melinn & Lori Handrahan and likes to sell their twisted versions of events; despite the overwhelming evidence against them, because, they are women.

    Mentally unstable, abusive women . Much like Jane.

    Jane apparently thinks it's ok that Lori H published a picture of her minor childs genitals on the web.

    Jane also thinks it's ok to drive a car into your ex, like Maria did, in front of her kids.

    Jane has no issue telling the Melinn children to "go away" when they are posting the truth about their "mother" online. Jane has no problem calling teenagers she's never met or spoke to, liars.

    Jane is deluded.

    Jane has thrown many accusations at advocates here. We have been accused of

    : Being paid court whores
    - Running the abusive advocates blog
    - Infiltrating Anon ops to undermine them
    (Which is laughable as we have many good friends who are members of Anonymous and they alll know how crazy Jane is)

    These are just a few examples of the trash Jane E Smithers talks and the lies she tells.

    She suscribes to the theory that, if she hasn't got any real dirt on someone, she makes it up. As is evident by the fact she cannot show a single shred of evidence to back up her insane claims.

    Hey, she's not known as Insane Jane for nothing!


    I think this gives a good idea of Janes character. ..Or lack of.

    1. Watch for that lawsuit. They violated both state and federal statutes in terms of Fair Housing Act. It's against the law to interfere in familial relationships, especially when the person they target has a termination of parental rights, given for good reason. Keep writing Sarah, it's all just sinking you further into the abyss...demonstrating how much you don't know.


    Jane obviously refused to allow her daughter a relationship with her brother.

    Hmmm..No wonder Jane thinks Maria keeping Michael from Blake and his siblings was acceptable behaviour.

  9. Just like the mind games you play here Sarah ~ The person that responded to that ZabaSearch was his own father (arrested in Hot Springs Arkansas August 2010 for life-time owed child support). How sick is that. This poor guy's grandparents lying to him for years telling him "they think his father is dead", when all along they were having contact with him...protecting him from his "financial responsibilities".. (and it was not the only the son they did this for) know like Hanny Melinn protects Blake by DEFENDING THE BOW THAT WAS USED TO HIT and NOT POSTING PICTURES OF THE DAMAGE IT DID TO HIS SON. Or how about how low you go taking a young man's last words left to the world, claiming a handwriting expert analyzed it, then CREATING FICTION FOR YOUR OWN SELF-SERVING PURPOSES.

    That's the way systemically dysfunctional families work --- to always hide the abuse under any circumstances and irregardless of the cost.

    Suggest you check out the criminal record of Hector Dion Essex County Massachusetts circa late 1960's early 1970's. This explains why his obituary was deliberately written in a manner in which the family lineage cannot be traced.....BECAUSE THE ONLY LEGACY DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND ABUSE LEAVES IS A LEGACY OF MORE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND ABUSE. Just like in the Melinn family.

    Law enforcement been by to see you yet SadoMasochisticSarah?

  10. Oh yes, I should add: Members of the Dion family encouraged their "grandson" to post searching for his father (who they knew was alive and well and where he was living all the time). See this way, it engineered/orchestrated and created another situation in which I would have to turn to corrupt attorney James E Smith (NSB#0052) for legal know this guy....he married Silvianne T Steinbach (who was formerly known as Maryse Wagner) who is related to the Dion family.

    Another reason why Hector Dion's obituary was written in the manner it was written. Like all abusers who never take responsibility for their actions, HE DISOWNED THE LEGACY HE LEFT BEHIND. Be sure you check out that obituary now. He does not even mention his wife of 50 years...believe they just celebrated an anniversary right before his death. What a slap in the face to them all, eh?

  11. PUBLIC NEEDS TO BE AWARE: You will always hear SadoMasochisticSarah posting things like: "Just google that nut jobs name".

    Of course, everything you find out there has been posted by SadoMasochisticSarah.

    No anons support this train wreck of humanity.

  12. Here's the link:

    Abuse-By-Proxy first ingredient is BETRAYAL, second ingredient is DECEPTION.

    You can see this in action in the above posts.

    1. Wow Jane, Papa's obituary was written like that because we wrote it that way, the cost to put things in the paper are per letter and not all of us inherited a lot of money from our parents like you. As for my father, you can say all you want, I was at the funeral and he was not, we had and still have not heard from him, he was not arrested in Arkansas, it was the child support agency going after him just as they had in California, Massachusetts (where you and him were living at the time, so you were helping him to evade his child support responsibilities) and in Nevada (also where you two were living). As for your daughter, it was her that initiated that I go for custody of her after I told her she should stick it out with you until she was 18, it wasn't until you kicked her out of the house and onto the streets that I stepped in and filled for custody of her and as I recall you signed over the rights you had as a parent after you had me sign a document that stated I would not go after any of your money. You also told her that you would disown her for having contact with me, she has since moved back to Massachusetts and in order for her to stay in your life you have forbidden her to have contact with me and her nieces. All I ever wanted was to be a brother to my sister and in no means were any of the Dion involved in my pursuit to have a relationship with my sister, you can say and think anything you want, I understood what she was going through not having a father around, I have dealt with it my whole life!!! You do not know me and yet you see me as this horrible person, I have tried so hard to show you that I'm not and now it didn't matter because you have won, you have made it to where my sister will not have contact with me, I deal with my kids asking how she is doing and why she hasn't called to talk to them and I just tell them that she is okay...

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  15. While doing so research I came across this very old post and I felt compelled to respond not sure if anyone will see it, but here is goes. I too am a survivor of domestic violence. Yet NEVER once did I attack my ex publicly nor did I ever talk badly about him to our children, because regardless of my feelings towards him and what he had done to me and me alone. (He never once abused our son’s) No matter what he was still their father bottom line. What I have seen on line and believe me it is everywhere. This did not have to get so out of hand to become the public spectacle that it has become. Jane why are you even involved did you not do your homework on this Maria Melinn?? Maria should be ashamed of herself for dragging her children through the public eye as she has. The point that these children feel compelled enough to have to come out publicly and call her out and now even you liars says it all for me. Kids have a right to their feeling and have a right to express those feelings. They are entitled to their own feeling on a matter that affects them. Parents are the adults here and in control. We are the ones they look up to for guidance and support. She hit her husband with a car in front of those kids!! She has lied about her back being broken. I realize there are two sides to every story but really this a so much documented evidence against this woman and you blindly give her your devotion and for what?? For the comment your own son has left I would say it is because you are both two peas in the same pod. If I had ever handled my divorce in such a manner I would hope that one of my friend would have slapped some sense in me. Jane, honey I think you need to take a very long look in the mirror and reevaluate your won life before getting so involved in some one else's “he who is without sin cast the first stone.” You are not without sin yourself and you need to clean your own house before you try to clean someone else. Sorry but that is how I see it. Even a blind person can see she is to blame for everything that has taken place in her life. Maybe if the woman could learn to tell the truth then things for her just might change, but hey a zebra does not change its stripes now does it. Remember God don’t like ugly and he sure don’t care for pretty to much either. You and Maria need to grow up and stop acting as if you are still in the 7th grade and trying to be the bully’s of the playground. I am so sorry that the children of BOTH you two have had to suffer due to you refusing to take the blame for your actions. My heart truly goes out to them. I hope one day they find peace in a life that you brought nothing but strife into. My God help these children find light in the darkness you have created for them.